The Surprising Benefits of Working for a Nursing Agency

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Despite recent discussions on an economic recovery, many people still find it hard to secure jobs in healthcare field. One alternative to a full-time job is to seek temporary work. Even though temporary employment is often associated with lower wages, fewer benefits and less possibility of unionization, it can provide job seekers with greater flexibility, experience, skill acquisition, and knowledge diversification, according to Statistics Canada.

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Becoming a nursing agency worker is not usually part of someone’s chosen career path. However, there are times when temporary employment can be helpful until you find your dream job. Here are some of the key benefits of temporary jobs along with some tips on making the most of this strategy.


Helps You Stay Motivated and Active


When it comes to advancing your career, your state of mind plays an important role. If you’ve been out of work for a long time, it can get discouraging. You can only spend so much time browsing job boards or making telephone calls. Long-term unemployment can lead to a rut. Your self-esteem can suffer and you may feel like you’ll never find a job. A temporary job keeps you in motion. It gets you out of the house (or working at home, as the case may be nowadays). Even if it’s not ideal, it helps you stay positive. It’s better to feel energetic and productive when you finally get an interview for a job you really want.


You’re Earning a Paycheck


The most obvious reason to get a temporary job is that you get paid. It may not be the salary you want, but it’s still better than nothing. Money starts to go very fast when you’re not working. Living off savings, government benefits, or the charity of family or friends is stressful. Working for a nursing agency can help you stay afloat during extended periods of unemployment.


Temporary Work Can Last Longer Than You Expect


Many healthcare facilities are using nursing agency workers for long-term assignments. They find it more economical to hire temporary workers than to have full-time employees to whom they have to pay benefits. In the past, a temporary assignment was usually a few weeks or even a few days. There are now long-term temporary assignments that can last many months. This still isn’t a full-time job, but it provides you at least some short-term security.


A Temporary Job May Lead to a Full-Time Position


It’s not unusual for healthcare facilitates to hire nursing agency workers for full-time positions. Some facilities like to try people out on a temporary basis before hiring them permanently. If you do an outstanding job, you might even create a full-time job for yourself where none existed before. A temporary job can also lead to something more permanent in a less direct way. Any type of work puts you in contact with people. A co-worker or manager might know about a job for which you’re qualified. Being busy in the world, even at a temporary job, opens up more networking possibilities than sitting at home.


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You Can Acquire New Skills


You can learn something new at almost any job. You may need to be proactive to make the most of temporary jobs. Ask questions. Volunteer to learn new skills even if it’s beyond the scope of what you were hired for. If you have some downtime, ask someone if you can help out in a more complex procedure. This might introduce you to a new skill such as learning an assessment technique.


How to Find a Nursing Agency Job?


There are quite a few ways to find nursing agency jobs.

  • Sign up with a nursing agency in your area. You can also sign up with many healthcare staffing agencies online.
  • Contact employers directly. Some job hunters seek full-time jobs by contacting healthcare facilities for which they’d like to work. This strategy can also work for temporary jobs.
  • Online Classifieds. You can find temporary jobs listed on Workopolis, Indeed and other sites.
  • Freelance Sites. Online freelancing jobs actually overlap with temporary work. If you get hired for a project such as a flu clinic, palliative care case, or anything else, you’ll do something very similar to temporary work. It’s another option.


Today’s workplace became more flexible and multifaceted than it used to be. In addition to full-time jobs, there are part-time jobs, temporary jobs, and freelancing gigs. If you find it challenging to look for a full-time job, it may be time to consider other alternatives. Temporary jobs are a good place to start as they keep you busy and provide income while you plan the next stage of your career.

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7 Activities for Your Loved One’s Retirement

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If you’ve recently retired or due to finish work soon, you’ll be planning for the years of leisure time ahead. You may be happy to have some free time at first, but when the novelty of doing nothing wears off, you’ll want an activity to get your teeth into. Maybe you already have one planned, but if not, this list of suggestions will set you thinking. Pick up the one that appeals the most to you and give it a whirl. If you find that it’s not quite right for you, try another. The list will spur other ideas, too, so keep an open mind until you find an ideal activity for yourself.

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Sports and Physical Activities


If you’re an athletic person, how about taking up a new sport? Have you tried hang-gliding yet, or parachuting, or deep-sea diving? For a slightly gentler activity, you could take up canoeing, hiking or river-swimming, or join your local tennis or badminton club. There are countless sports and outdoor activities to choose from, especially if you’re able to travel to access the more specialized ones, so pick the one that excites you most.




Are you good with your hands? Perhaps you’re a neat sewer or an expert weaver, or enjoy wood or metal work. Use your leisure hours to develop your skills or take up a brand-new craft. You might enjoy decorating cushions, shaping ceramic pots, making wickerwork furniture or blowing glass, for instance. Whatever you choose, there’ll probably be a craft-relevant group to join. If not, you could start one.

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Retirement is a stage of life to take up a musical instrument. You’ll have plenty of time to practice, and your teacher will probably be able to put you in touch with other mature learners to play with. If you love singing, you could audition for a choir or, if you prefer, join an informal singing group. Perhaps, you’re a seasoned folk guitarist or jazz trumpeter, in which case, join a group to suit you or set up one yourself.


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Free Expression


Do you have a novel inside you waiting to be written? If so, now is the time to put a pen on the paper or get clicking on your laptop. If your artistic forte lies in sculpture, drama or dance, the same applies – now is the time to release your creative spirit. Invest in the requisite materials and equipment, join a group if you wish, and let your self-expression flow.


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At last, you’re free to travel. You can take off in any direction, for as long as you like, without your boss screaming over the phone that you’re late for work. There’s a world of wonders waiting out there, so spin the globe and see what country’s facing you when it stops. Is that the one for you? You’ll probably find some of your retired friends have itchy feet, too, so why not get planning together?




When you worked, you probably didn’t have much spare time or energy for cooking fancy meals. But, now you have all the time you want, so if you enjoy cooking, what stops you from getting to work in the kitchen and serving up high-class cuisine for your family and friends?


Community work


You may sense a calling to help your community. There’s always work to be done, of course, be it visiting the sick or lonely or contributing to a local project. Whatever services you can offer, they’re sure to be gratefully received.


Retirement offers a wonderful opportunity to pursue lifelong dreams and try new things, so make the most of it. There’s a world out there waiting for you, so enjoy it to the fullest.

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