What sets us apart?

Open 24/7

Whether you need on-demand staffing solutions or permanent caregivers, we are here to help 24/7.


We approach every client in a way that respects and honors his/her values, preferences and aspirations.


We are a valuable resource for finding qualified and bonded care professionals promptly and efficiently.


Our health care professionals make evidence-informed decisions using their knowledge, skills and judgment.


We provide care that minimizes risks and harm to our clients, including avoiding preventable injuries and reducing errors.


We believe that every client should have the right to respect, self-determination, dignity, value and quality care.

Exceptional Care Quality


Our health care professionals establish and promote therapeutic relationships. It involves active listening and effective communication; integration of the elements of caring, values, and ethics to enhance and preserve the dignity and integrity of clients and families.


Regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, geographical location or socioeconomic status, we ensure equal access to quality health care, rights, social life, and freedom from discrimination for all concerned. We accept each person as a whole body-mind-spirit being.


Our health care professionals develop specific knowledge, skills, and values, including expanding self-awareness, understanding the client’s experience of health and illness, developing and maintaining caring relationships with clients, and communicating clearly and effectively.

Our Team



Our nurses make evidence-informed decisions using their knowledge, skills and judgment in collaboration with other health care team members and clients.

Support Workers

Support Workers

Our personal support workers engage in a human caring process in which they give full attention and intention to the whole self of a person.



Our companions establish and promote therapeutic relationships integrating elements of caring and ethics to preserve the dignity and integrity of clients and families.

We hold to a professional ethic of caring and healing

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