Companionship services for seniors in Thornhill

The importance of stimulating and meaningful activity cannot be underestimated. Inclusion and fun, as well as maintenance of self-esteem and preservation of physical, cognitive and social skills, should be emphasized. To reduce restlessness and agitation, activity levels must be constantly increased. Although confused clients often refuse to participate, skilled care providers adjust and focus on including the clients in a simple but meaningful activity, for example, folding laundry.


Such pleasurable experience gives clients a sense of companionship and opportunity to practise their social skills. They need to be included in everyday life, and not just an art and crafts class or a bus trip. Most importantly, while engaging in a valuable physical exercise, clients feel useful and wanted. Using creativity, skilled care providers can involve clients in putting clothes in the washing machine, vacuuming or taking a stroll to buy a newspaper. This gives clients a useful role, some exercise and fresh air. As a result, clients feel that they are still needed, still a part of everyday life.




How Can We Make Today More Interesting and Special?


We make a difference! We collect information on clients’ abilities and interests to get to know them better. In order to succeed, we plan, implement and evaluate several activities to find those which are successful. Knowing that the most important activities are those that include one in everyday life, we ask the question: “How can we make today more interesting and special?”

If your loved one needs Trusted Companionship Service in Thornhill, our healthcare professionals can help.