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Accela Staff works in collaboration with legislative authorities and various community partners to enable empowering experiences and contribute to the organizational success. Anticipating, understanding and creating innovative changes, we are powerful contributors to a social progress.

In times of advanced research and scientific advancement, we utilize innovative models of clinical care that assist us in delivering the highest quality of evidence-based service. Our highly trained health care professionals collect information and collaborate with individuals and organizations as appropriate to identify and record a list of actual and potential needs.

Our knowledge, skills and values are needed to participate effectively in and work with various communities. This includes understanding the meaning of the community, recognizing the multiple contributors to health and illness within the community, developing and maintaining relationships with community partners, and working collaboratively with other individuals and organizations to establish effective and quality service.

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Our Philosophy

We promote authentic caring-healing relationships through human caring and compassion. We hold to a professional ethic of caring and healing that seeks to preserve wholeness and dignity of health care providers, clients, families, and communities in all health care settings.


17075 Leslie Street, Unit 7
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 8E1

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