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We hire highly competent and skilled nurses. Their primary concern is to recognize the level of their knowledge, skills and judgment, as well as limits of their responsibilities and supervision requirements. It starts from developing a care plan with appropriate and realistic care goals followed by review of relevant best-practice guidelines and policies.

Our exceptional nurses use clear, accurate and effective communication skills in interactions with clients, their families and health care team members.

At Accela Staff, we utilize reflective practice as a valuable tool for providing appropriate levels of care and an important requirement for the foundation of professional nursing. We understand the importance of reflecting critically on practice, so as enhancing and expanding knowledge and the quality of client care.

Ready to hire our Nurses? We are the right choice to start a great professional relationship.

Our Philosophy

We promote authentic caring-healing relationships through human caring and compassion. We hold to a professional ethic of caring and healing that seeks to preserve wholeness and dignity of health care providers, clients, families, and communities in all health care settings.


17075 Leslie Street, Unit 7
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 8E1

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