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The Advantages of Working for a Nursing Agency

Don’t just think of registering with a nursing agency as a last resort when looking for employment. There are many advantages to working on a temporary basis with a nursing agency, whether you do it long-term or as means to tide you over between permanent positions. The following are just a few of the benefits of registering with a nursing agency and taking on temporary work.

Back to Work

Working for a nursing agency is a great way to ease yourself back into the world of work if you have been out of action for a number of years. For example, you may have taken time out to raise your children, and now, that your kids are in full-time education, you may want to get back to work. It can be a little daunting throwing yourself back into a permanent, full-time position, especially given the rate at which technology advances nowadays. Registering for temporary work will give you an idea of how the workplace has changed since you were last there. A nursing agency will also help you to identify whether you need to brush up on your skills before re-entering the workplace.

Stuck in a Rut

You may have been in the same job for a considerable number of years and desperately want a change. But, you are unaware of what employment opportunities exist elsewhere. Taking on temporary work through a nursing agency provides a good opportunity to see how other organizations operate and what work is available. Using temporary work in this way is particularly useful if you have recently relocated to a different region or even a different country. Working as an agency nurse means you get to see what is on offer without committing yourself to the first nursing job that comes along.


Moving from one workplace to another after a relatively short period of time means that a candidate often has to re-train and learn new workplace procedures. Admittedly, this is not everyone’s idea of a satisfying day’s work. But, it does mean that a day’s work is rarely boring. So, if you are the type of person who likes the challenge of regularly conquering something new, whether it is a software program or a new procedure, then working for a nursing agency could be right up your street.


Perhaps, you are at a stage in life where you do not want and do not need to work full-time all year round. You may be in the fortunate position of being able to choose when you work and for how long. If so, then working on a temporary basis may be ideal. It can provide flexibility that a permanent position cannot. With temporary work, you get to decide when, where, and for how many hours you work.

Supplemental Income

Working for a nursing agency can also be suitable for someone who wants to pursue other ventures while still having the ability to earn income. For example, you may find that your fledgling jelly-producing business is not quite successful enough yet for you to leave the daily grind of the working world. Working on a temporary basis through a nursing agency could be one way to gain supplemental income to help keep your business afloat and, finally, get it off the ground.

Foot in the Door

If you have been struggling to find permanent work, then working for a nursing agency is a great way to get a foot in the door of a company. Many assignments can lead to full-time, permanent positions if both the candidate and employer agree it is a good fit. This means that you get to road-test a company before fully committing yourself, something that would not be possible to do otherwise.

Skill Set

Working for a nursing agency is also a great way to add to your skill set. Many assignments involve candidates being asked to take on new tasks or learn unfamiliar protocols. This on-the-job training will not only help to expand your resume but could also help you to identify a professional strength you had not been aware of up until now.

These are just a few reasons why registering for temporary work with a nursing agency should not be overlooked when searching for a job. Whether you use it as a bridge between jobs or as a way to change direction in your nursing career, working for a nursing agency could provide you with exactly what it is you need.

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