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The Inspired Senior: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Aging Adult

Thanks to modern healthcare and a growing market for older adults, seniors have all they need to live fruitful, fulfilling lives, as long as they stay motivated. Low energy and lack of zest for everyday activity are common problems among aging adults that can dampen the spirit and harm well-being. Fortunately, you can lay your senior doldrums to rest with some inspiring tips to help you embrace each day. Try these 10 ways to stay motivated during the senior years and see how fun, fascinating, and productive this life stage can be.

Organize Your Day

Having a schedule to follow gives you a step-by-step guide to tackling the day. Start the morning by jotting down a list of things to do and keep the list handy so you can refer to it throughout the day. With each task or activity, you check off and encourage productivity. The more successful you are at executing your agenda, the more inspired you will be to do it again tomorrow.

Keep Moving

Exercise is the best motivator around because it releases endorphins that improve mood and boost energy. If you have got a partner to exercise with, even better. You will inspire each other to get active daily. You don’t need a full-blown workout to lift your spirits. Moving your body in the garden, at the mall, on the golf course, or around the house can make a difference.

Be Social

A top reason for depression in senior adults is loneliness and isolation. However, socializing can be hard to do during the senior years due to some drastic changes like relocation from friends or health issues. Still, finding ways to connect with others is key to staying motivated. Consider joining a club, taking a class, or reaching out to old acquaintances on social media.

Find Your Usefulness

Regardless of age, everyone has the ability to add value to life; the trick is to find your usefulness and nurture it. Do you have a particular talent you can share through volunteer work? Have you always wanted to serve on a board? Maybe you are called to be an involved grandparent or parent to your grown children. Let your purpose build your confidence and inspire you.

Get Spiritual

You don’t have to be religious to receive inspiration from a higher power. Whether you attend church regularly, practice prayer at home, or meditate in nature, exploring your spirituality can fill a void like nothing else and motivate you in your daily living. Tapping into your spiritual self can also spur you to delve deeper into your soul, where you will find lasting peace and positivity.

Bond with a Pet

Pets give us something to care for besides ourselves. While dogs may be the best motivators for physical activity, any pet can offer inspiration through unconditional love, friendship, and loyalty. Research has shown that simply bonding with a pet can reduce stress and improve emotional health. If you don’t own a pet, find someone who does and spend time with an animal for inspiration.

Have a Chuckle

Laughing doesn’t just feel good; it is a way to alleviate fear and move toward positive thinking. Laughing makes things seem less scary, which can motivate you to take on tasks and challenges you might otherwise avoid. It is not hard to find ways to laugh. Share funny stories with a friend, watch a comedy, or play a silly game. Even smiling more often can inspire you and everyone around you.


According to studies, reading helps keep an aging mind sharp and disease-free, as well as promotes a sense of connectivity that can be deeply fulfilling and inspiring in the senior years. Reading also motivates you to learn and stay engaged in life. For an extra dose of inspiration, choose books about people who have overcome trials or that tell uplifting stories.

Plan Fun Daily

Wish you had something to look forward to each day? Nothing stops you. And, it might be just what you need to stay motivated in your senior years. Plan a lunch outing, a movie night, a visit to the museum, or a trip to the farmer’s market. Get creative and make every day an adventure. For many seniors, true fun actually begins at this life stage, so bring it on daily.

Monitor Your Finances

Being financially sound in the senior years makes them more secure, peaceful, and inspiring, so make sure your finances are in order. Do regular assessments on your own or with your financial advisor. Tracking your money will keep you motivated to be responsible and live within your means, and help you plan out expenses like travel and hobbies.

Don’t let the lack of motivation put a damper on some of the best years of your life. Get inspired with the above tips, and enjoy the excitement and energy of being a senior.

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